Marcia Morgan-Payne



Excellent, Compasionate Service

"From: Akpo Otuguor

Hi Marcia,
I just want to let you know that we were at the house yesterday and were once again convinced that it was a great buy. You were right when you advised that we be patient and that we would eventually get a property that we would be happy with.
You have been a blessing to my wife and I since you were introduced to me in 2007 when I was having trouble with the 3 properties that were sold to me here in Georgia by another Realtor while I was far away in Michigan and the Realtor was unable to handle the difficulty that came my way much later from the properties. When you eventually came into the picture, you were moved with compassion and you worked so hard in helping my wife and my self in dealing with the numerous challenges that were facing us even though you never knew or had met us. Your positive attitude and wise counsel over the phone really helped us through those very difficult years.
It was only in the months of May and June this year that my wife and I had the opportunity of doing business with you. We are very greatful to you for your patience , the positive attitude that you displayed once again when we made numerous trips to the different houses until we found the right one. You would make your self available to show us homes even at short notices while also sacrificing your family time to help us. You had informed us that we should not be concerned about how many times we called or got you out and that all you wanted was for us to make the right choice of a home.
I want to let you know that the more we see the house, the more we are loving it.
Please also know that this thank you email is just a small way of expressing our gratitude to you for all that you have done or meant to us over the years.
Kindly convey our warmest regards to your husband who showed a great deal of understanding when we had to spend long hours on the phone and you had to be out with us . You went over and beyond what is expected of you
Let us look forward to doing business again in future as the Lord will permit.
Best regards
Dr & Mrs Otuguor.

- Dr & Mrs Otuguor, Marietta GA